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I am retiring

I am retiring

Added 1 year, 3 months ago.

After 24 years of running Grand Manner, I have decided to retire in 2023. In the coming weeks I will share more in depth my reflections, thanks and plans for the future. 

Timeline - what happens next

Painted orders -

The web page will be closed to new orders from 12th FEBRUARY 2023 *1

*1 = There is limited production time, so once the volume of orders exceeds the available production time, the shop will be closed.

*2 = Resin orders will be prepared and shipped during January-April 2023.

*3 = All painted orders can ordered as raw resin & please add a message in the comments section letting me know which painting service you require on your order form. (Pre-payment is resin model price only). Your models will be produced during January-February period and then painted April-July (latest) after the resin only orders have been completed.

*4 = Once the painting work is complete then I will invoice you for the balance and organise postage/shipping out.


Returning old models to the range & some new items

There are older items reintroduced back into the range – a last hurrah!

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] 

Thank you for your custom and all the kind remarks/feedback over the years, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

Dave @ GrandManner

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