Grandmanner on Tour

The best places to get inspiration for new projects are in the field. So get out there, visit museums, historical sites and battlefields and take in the architecture from any sources. Go to re-enactment weekends on battle anniversary dates to really feel the atmosphere of the past.

A great day out is to head to the South Down in England, visit Weald and Downland Architectural Museum in West Sussex, then onto Butser Ancient British Farm in Hampshire, then if theres any time Freshbourne Roman Palace in Hampshire.

Dave & Tony head off to the south of England with plans for more black & white timber buildings to add to the range.

The Bayleaf farm, this is the classic wealdon house, set in its own farmstead and outbuildings its worth going to see.

A row of town buildings plus the corner of a market hall.

Below show our visit to Butser Ancient British farmstead and round houses.

A long weekend trip along hadrians wall, from Walls end in Newcastle to Carlisle in Cumbria. In Newcastle there is the Bede's Centre - a Saxon Village.

Dave & Spike on tour, exploring the History and Architecture on the ground before planning out new projects for the wargames table really adds to the whole enjoyment of our hobby.

Housesteads along the wall, the views are fantastic.

The wall follows the ridge away from Housesteads.

Looking back toward Housesteads from turret 35 you can see Broomlee Lough water and the wall snaking off in the distance.

Chester cavalry Fort with Bath house on the side of the river.

Spike being Spike!

Reconstructed gatehouse at South Shields, this is located over the river from Walls end, a good map for you who would like to walk along the wall is OS -OL43.

West Stow in Norfolk also a Darkage Saxon Village.

Two A frame huts, both  different thatch type.

 Spike checks out the Saxon Barn , plus a larger hall / house on the right. 

Travel between Chepstow and Shrewsbury and follow Offers Dyke through the marsh lands were the Normans founded the borderland between England and Wales. You'll find plenty of motte and bailey and stone castles, churches and an array of medieval towns and villages. (pictures to follow)

The wealdon house is a timber framed hall. The local owner would preside over his workforce of peasants from here. My good friend and fellow model maker Tony Harwood made sketches in his pad while i took photographs. Tony took up the batton to design the model and you can see the great results.

Tonys made a fabulous job of designing it. The model was painted by Dave to collectors standard.