Special Projects

Over the years we have completed many projects commissioned by some of the best companys in the industry including Wargames Illustrated, Gripping Beast and GW. We've put together a few of these projects as part of our portfolio.


Steve Binns - Diorama of Rorkes Drift

My good friend Steve Binns asked me to put together a small diorama to represent Rorkes Drift ( using Redoubt Miniatures ). Heres a few photos of the finished piece.





Wargames Illustrated - Sevastopole Board - Salute 2012




Wargames Illustrated - Gallipoli Board - Salute 2011


Games Workshop - Games Day - Warhammer Ancient Battles

This project was produced in collaboration with Gripping Beast who supplied the figures and helped with the research for the game. It was created for a Dark Age / Arthurian Game designed around the Bernard Cornwall novel - The Winter King.

The scene is set in Lugg Vale beside the river Lugg which separates Powys and Gwent. Arthur - Warrior Warlord needs to defeat the King of Powys and prevent him from taking the title of Supreme King of the Britains.

To reproduce the Bayleaf Hall from Weald and Down Architectural Museum. A full day trip was planned with other sites of interest in the local area included in the list.