Shipping and Delivery

Wherever you live in the world, we aim to get your order to you in one piece and in good time. With over a decades experience you can be confident that your order will arrive in the same condition if left through our doors, unmarked and intact no matter how far it has to travel. 

Our courier services include APC, DHL and UPS which offer us the best convienience, shortest delivery times, safety and lowest price for our customers all over the world.

We take care when packing your order, ensuring every item is wrapped extensively. Like you, we’d much rather your order arrives unscathed than have the extra time waiting for a replacement to be sent out so we make sure everything that goes in the box is protected.

We never charge more than the actual cost
Be sure that you are getting the best price for shipping with us, we never charge more than the actual cost of shipping. On an occasions were we find a better price we refund the difference back to you.

How to leave delivery instructions
Put a comment with your order during checkout and we will forward it onto the courier.