28mm Dark Age Range
Perfectly suited for Gripping Beasts SAGA rulebooks  

28mm Dark Age Celtic Village
Browse through our enormous range of terrain buildings and accessories, all available painted

40mm American War of Independence
Browse the entire range of buildings by clicking here

28mm Modern Range featuring a range of
bunkers, emplacements, patrol boats and jungle huts, all available painted

28mm Medieval Range
Browse this extensive range including the pictured church collection

28mm Medieval Town Set
Available painted in a range of color schemes on request

28mm Middle East / Sudan Range
Including several houses and a variety of steam boats and accessories

28mm American War of Independence Range
Pictured: Colonial Town Buildings

Limited Edition Medieval Tower House
One of several limited edition feature piece models designed by GrandManner

28mm Carentan Collection 
Limited casting remain of the current models, dont wait if you want them

28mm Hartwell Tavern Collection
Part of the AWI / ACW range

28mm Gabion Earthworks / Star Fort Redoubt
Browse the entire collection of earthworks here

28mm Norman Fortlet
Browse our extensive ranges including many more forts for both DA and Roman




4 years, 1 month ago by Dave Bodley

The web page will be closed for business from 3rd July until furhter notice due to the overwhelming amount of work on the books. My aim is to catch up with orders , fit in some design time an… Continue Reading »

Full steam ahead!

Full steam ahead!

4 years, 3 months ago by Staff

Theres  been alot to deal with the last few months but now its full steam ahead so I will be catching up with a few painted orders and starting my new design program for 2013. Time line for r… Continue Reading »

SALUTE - 2013

SALUTE - 2013

4 years, 3 months ago by Dave Bodley

It was good to see many friends and customers at Salute this year, hope you all had a enjoyable day, sorry I will not be attending many shows this year. It simlpy  been that busy that I just … Continue Reading »

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